What Good is a Beautiful Website
If Nobody Finds It?

Pretty deep, eh? We thought so. Seriously, if you're a professional photographer, having a strong search engine presence is key these days. In fact, other than referrals, the major search engines are the primary way consumers find a professional photographer.

Having a Flash website, however, poses a challenge. How can you ensure Google, Yahoo!, and the major search engines know about you?

We're Here to Help

At BIG Folio, we've been building photography websites for over 3 years. We've had to deal with these same questions. We think we've come up with some pretty solid steps for optimizing a Flash-based website. We've seen it work several times with our own customers, resulting in more traffic and increased bookings.

We put together a DVD demonstrating the steps we take when optimizing a photography website. To make things even easier, we created an easy-to-follow document containing a checklist of all the steps. Finally, we create an exclusive forum on this site. When you purchase the DVD, you'll get access to the forum where you can ask questions and watch bonus content.

All This for Only $79

That's right. For $79 (plus shipping) you get the DVD, the PDF workbook, and access to our forum. The DVD ships mid-December, but we're accepting pre-orders now.

Pre-Order now for just $79

Not Just for BIG Folio Websites

Don't have a BIG Folio website? No worries. The techniques we demonstrate will help for just about any Flash-based photography website.

Don't Delay

This DVD is only for photographers who are serious about improving their search engine rankings. Consequently, we're selling a limited run of less than 1,000 DVDs. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.


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